Review SEMBO 601088 Sensoji Temple, Golden Dragon Mountain, Tokyo, Japan

Hello everyone, I am in the vein!

Today I bring a SEMBO 601088 Sensoji Temple, Golden Dragon Mountain, Tokyo, Japan

Take a look at Baidu. Kaminari Gate was built in 942 to pray for peace and prosperity in the world. The official name is “Feng Lei Shen Gate”. Kaminari Gate is the gate of the entrance of Sensoji Temple at Jinlong Mountain. Guarding Sensoji Temple, it was destroyed by fire several times and then rebuilt in 1960. It’s cool to post a piece of thief, let’s take a look at the picture of my P, right?


I was shocked when I received it. Like the previous Sambo Café, they are all giant boxes. Not just 2017 blocks. Is it necessary to startle me?

图片On the back, strength persuades buy!

图片The latter suit was bought back more than half a year ago, but unfortunately I didn’t fight it!

嗱嗱嗱, here it comes, the packaging is wasted!

图片Two large packs of building blocks, a 32-frame bottom plate, and a manual!

图片Senbao’s favorite transfer sticker!

图片Without further ado, start to fight immediately, the floor is bright and smooth!

图片A row of red special parts, in addition, the color matching is considered bold, worthy of Senbao, using this unruly tender green!

图片After the first subcontracting is completed, an extra piece of 1*1 will be available. This quality control is OK!

Next, fight for the second package!

图片It’s basically a mirror image!

图片Fengshen and Thor, according to Du Niang’s introduction, is Thor on the left and Fengshen on the right, everyone understand!



图片The middle beam has a slight tolerance. After the protrusion comes, it can’t be pressed down!

图片Next, put together a representative object, a lantern, and use an internationally recognized cheat piece to connect!

图片Denden! Transfer stickers! The gods can’t be saved if they are crooked!

图片Finally, the roof is basically repeated work!

But the parts are newly opened, the gospel for Guofeng players!

It’s over, there are 3 more small parts, excellent!

Look at the finished product


The suit is not over yet, there are still international conventions to fight!

图片The international practice has to be changed, and finally we will see the minifigures!

The first to appear is a family of four passers-by!

图片Followed by the special set, there are two groups of geishas and entourages wearing traditional kimonos 👘!

图片Geisha hairstyles are more unique!


Two Japanese monks came out last!


Today’s sharing is here, don’t forget the last three combos! I am the vein!

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