JIESTAR 92033 Technician SUGO Asurada G.S.X With Motor


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Brand Name: JIESTAR
Recommend Age: 8+
Certification: 3C
Gender: Unisex
Material: Plastic
Model Number: 92033
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✅ JIESTAR 92033 SUGO Asurada G.S.X With Motor
✅The SUGO Asurada G.S.X is a fictional racing car from the anime and manga series "Future GPX Cyber Formula." The series, created by Michiaki Satou, is set in a futuristic world of high-speed, technologically advanced racing. The SUGO Asurada G.S.X is one of the prominent and iconic racing cars featured in the series.
Product Name: SUGO Asurada G.S.X With Motor
Category: Technic
This Kit Contains:  JIESTAR 92033 
3907  pcs Good Quality Bricks 
Size:  59 × 43 × 18 cm
Manual Instructions 
📌Nature of the protagonist 
Introducing our proud collection named “SUGO Asurada G.S.X With Motor” you should not miss. 
The Asurada G.S.X is a sleek and aerodynamic racing car with a futuristic design. It features a low-profile body, advanced spoilers, and various technological enhancements. In the world of "Cyber Formula," the Asurada G.S.X is equipped with advanced cybernetic and computer systems. It's notable for its "Cyber System," which provides real-time data and assists the driver in making split-second decisions during races.The Asurada G.S.X is known for its exceptional speed and maneuverability. It competes in high-speed races where the cars use special tracks and can achieve incredible velocities.