LOZ 2206 Creator Expert Animal Craft


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Brand Name: LOZ
Recommend Age: 6+
Certification: 3C
Gender: Unisex
Material: Plastic
Model Number: 2206
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✅ LOZ 2206 Animal Craft
✅Animal Craft wine barrel is a specific type of barrel used for aging and storing wine. It is an essential part of the winemaking process, allowing the wine to develop its flavors and characteristics over time. Wine barrels are typically made from oak wood, which imparts unique flavors and aromas to the wine.
Product Name: Animal Craft
Category: Creator 
This Kit Contains:  LOZ 2206
1022 pcs Good Quality Bricks 
Manual Instructions 
📌Nature of the protagonist 
Introducing our proud collection named “Animal Craft” you should not miss. 
Wine barrels are traditionally made from oak wood, although some winemakers may use other types of wood, such as cherry or acacia. Oak is preferred due to its desirable properties, including the ability to add subtle flavors and tannins to the wine.  Before wine is aged in a barrel, the interior is often toasted or charred, which caramelizes the wood sugars and releases aromatic compounds. The level of toasting can influence the flavors and aromas imparted to the wine.