MOULD KING 20001 Military HJ-10 Anti-tank Missile


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Brand Name: MOULD KING
Recommend Age: 8+
Certification: 3C
Gender: Unisex
Material: Plastic
Model Number: 20001
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✅Mould King 20001 Motor HJ-10 Anti-tank Missile
✅The HJ-10 is a Chinese-made anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system. It is also known as the Red Arrow 10. Developed by the China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO), the HJ-10 is designed to engage and destroy armored vehicles, including main battle tanks, at long ranges.
Product Name:  Motor HJ-10 Anti-tank Missile
Category: Military
This Kit Contains: Mould King 20001
1600 pcs Good Quality Bricks 
Manual Instructions 
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Introducing our proud collection named “ Motor HJ-10 Anti-tank Missile” you should not miss. 
The HJ-10 is a fire-and-forget missile, meaning that once it is launched, it does not require continuous guidance from the operator. It can autonomously track and engage its target using its onboard guidance system. The missile is available in various warhead configurations to engage different types of targets effectively. These may include a high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warhead for penetrating armor, as well as thermobaric or fragmentation warheads for engaging personnel or lightly armored vehicles.
SKU: BRC-Mould King 20001