WANGE 6220 Modular Building Great Mosque of Mecca


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Brand Name: WANGE
Recommend Age: 6+
Certification: 3C
Gender: Unisex
Material: Plastic
Model Number: 6220
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✅ Wange 6220 Great Mosque of Mecca
✅The Great Mosque of Mecca, also known as the Masjid al-Haram, is one of the holiest and most significant religious sites in Islam. Located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, it surrounds the Kaaba, the sacred cube-shaped building towards which Muslims around the world pray. 
Product Name: Great Mosque of Mecca
Category: Creator 
This Kit Contains: Wange 6220 
2274 pcs Good Quality Bricks 
Size: 62 × 43.5 × 22 cm
Manual Instructions 
📌Nature of the protagonist 
Introducing our proud collection named “Great Mosque of Mecca” you should not miss. 
The Great Mosque is the holiest site in Islam and is considered the "House of Allah." It is a place of immense spiritual significance for Muslims, and millions of Muslims from around the world visit it every year to perform the Hajj pilgrimage or Umrah. At the center of the Great Mosque is the Kaaba, a black cubic building draped in a gold-embroidered black and gold kiswah (cloth). Muslims face the Kaaba during their daily prayers, and the Hajj pilgrimage involves circumambulating the Kaaba seven times. Over the centuries, the Great Mosque has undergone numerous expansions and renovations to accommodate the increasing number of pilgrims. The Saudi government has led several large-scale expansion projects to enhance its capacity and facilities.
SKU: BRC-Wange 6220